Petros Environmental Group
Petros has assembled a team of associated environmental consulting firms with whom it teams to expand available staff capacity and technical capabilities. Associates are engaged on an "as-needed" basis, depending on project size and complexity. The principals of Petros and the the associated firms consist of knowledgeable environmental and regulatory professionals who have teamed previously for successful project completions.


Petros Environmental Group, Inc.

B.A. distributive: biology, geology, chemistry, M.S. studies in soils science, reclamation, 28 years experience with NEPA compliance, soils science and reclamation, project management
B.S., M.S. geology, 18 years experience with NEPA compliance, oil and gas exploration, project planning and management, licensed professional geologist


Grasslands Consulting, Inc.
Exclusive full-service biological field studies and evaluations

  • Chris Gayer, President
B.S. biology, 6 years experience wildlife and plant surveys, wetland delineations, habitat mapping, NEPA compliance, biological assessments and biological evaluations

Mathis and Associates, Inc.
Site assessments, due diligence, soil and groundwater investigations

B.S. geology, M.B.A, 16 years experience with hydrologic analysis, site investigations, remedial design and investigations, certified professional geologist

Kathol and Company
Economics, land use, recreation, visual resources

B.S. natural resource economics, 27 years experience socioeconomics, land use and recreations, social and economic modeling

Planet GIS
Full-service Geographic Information Systems and field mapping

  • Tom Miller, Managing Partner
B.A. geography, 19 years experience Geographic Information Systems, land surveying, spatial data management, GIS and surveying standards